Rental information

What do I need to hire a vehicle?

We need to see all of the following documentation at the time of hire:

  • Driver's Licence
    • A current full driver's licence held for a minimum of 12 months (endorsements permitting).
  • Your Drivers Record
    • ​You will need to print off/have a digital copy of your driver record from the DVLA on collection of the vehicle. This must be no older than 1 week old. You can obtain this by visiting the following DVLA website., If you need assistnce with this we can help you upon collection of the vehicle but you will need to know your National Insurance & drivers licence number.
  • Secondry form of identification
    • This must be a recent utility bill, bank or building society statement. Anything official that contains you current address. A passport is not acceptable as it does not contain your address.

How old do I have to be?

You must be aged between 21 and 70. However, if you want to drive a 7,500kg GVW vehicle on an ordinary licence you must also have passed your test before January 1997. For 17 seaters you must be aged between 25 and 70. NB: The government's licensing rules may have changed since you last hired this type of vehicle so please check on the DVLA website or contact us.

What if I'm over 71?

We can probably still hire you a vehicle, but you must be able to arrange your own fully-comprehensive insurance and bring it with you at the time of hire. To avoid disappointment, we would strongly advise you to call us well in advance for more information.

What does the price include?

The prices we show, or quote, are inclusive of VAT. Rates for all vehicles up to 7,500kg GVW include insurance. This is subject to an insurance excess surchange of £1,000 which will be charged in the event of an insurance claim, and which can be reduced by paying a small extra cost Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) at the time of hire.

How much is the deposit?

Deposits vary depending on the type of vehicle you wish to hire. £100 deposit is required for all vans up to 7,500kg GVW in which case we require £200 deposit. All Deposits are pre authorised upon collection of the vehicle and hold in your account for 10 days.

A £50 deposit is required for Minibus's at the time of booking and we regret this is non refundable should the booking be canceled. 

How much is the insurance excess?

Insurance excess is £1,000. Additional named drivers will be subject to an insurance surcharge. You are responsible for any damage or loss sustained to the vehicle and are liable to pay the insurance excess in this event. Due to fluctuations, as well as the number of variables in determining the insurance excess, it is recommended that you contact us for the latest information.

What is Collision Damage Waiver or CDW?

In the event of an insurance claim, Collision Damage waiver - or CDW, as it is also known which in most cases halves your excess. This can be taken out with an additional payment at the time of hire. Please note, however, that this does not cover you for negligent damage to wheels and tyres or roofs of vehicles, theft of wheels and tyres including spares, or theft of audio equipment or theft of the vehcile due to the keys being left in it. It is only available to drivers aged 21 and over hiring vans and commercials, and is also subject to the driver having a satisfactory driving record. the cost for this option can be advised at the time of hire.

Is the windscreen covered?

Windscreen damage is the hirer's responsibility

Are tyres / punctures covered?

The hirer is responsible for any punctures / tyre damages etc.. The lessor will ensure that all tyres are maintained and kept within the legal road limits and are roadworthy

Overhead Damage

Overhead damage is not convered by any insurance excess as this is due to driver negligence. Any overhead damage will be charged at full cost.

How many miles do I get included?

150 miles (280KM for vehicles that record in kilometers) are inluded in all daily rental's. 1000 miles (1600KM for vehicles that record in kilometers) are included in weekly rentals. 10 pence +VAT per mile/KM charged therafter. As an example, an additional 100 miles would cost a total of £12.00 Inclusive of VAT.

How can I pay?

The hire charge can be paid by credit or debit card, the deposit must be pre authorised on collection of the vehicle and is held in your account for 10 days. Hire charges can be paid with cash but a pre-authorisation is still required by debit or credit card for your deposit. Most major credit cards and debit cards are welcome, including Visa, Mastercard, and Switch, We regret that we cannot accept American Express. Whole or part payment of charges may be required by credit or debit card. Outstanding charges are taken from credit or debit cards as per our Terms & Conditions.

What if I am late returning the vehicle, or I wish to extend the hire?

It is very important that you contact us and let us know. We can then advise you of any additional charges and if required can arrange payment and insurance cover by debiting your credit or debit card. Alternatively additional charges can be covered by monies brought in by you at the time of extending the hire period.

What if im going in to the congestion charge zone or using the Dartford Crossing?

It is the hirers responsibility to arrange payment for charges of this kind. There is a £30 administration charge for any penalty charges received.

The London Congestion charge can be paid by visiting the following link:

The Dartford crossing charge can be paid by visitng the following link:

What happens if I break down?

All our vehicles are covered by full nationwide breakdown assistance. In the unlikely event of the vehilce breaking down please contact us on 01708 671122 or any of the telephone numbers stated on your rental agreement.

What do I do when I come back?

It's easy. Just return the vehicle to the depot of collection, where you will be met by a member of staff (during office opening hours) who will check the vehicle over for mileage, fuel & damage. We advise vehicles are returned to us with the same amount of fuel as on collection,  any fuel we dispense will be charged for. If a vehicle is returned out of hours, it it still the hirers responsibilty untill booked in by a member of staff.

Full terms and conditions are outlined on the reverse of your rental agreement which is provided on collection of the vehicle